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May 23 2018


reminder: you can start over at anytime. your day is not ruined. your world is not over. take a deep breath. start over.

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At long last I’m excited to share my comic ‘Tinder’! I had so much fun on this project and it got me really excited to write more stories!
I sincerely hope you enjoyed the comic and have a great day! <3

If you want to help support the comic you can help by:
~ !! Reblogging this post !! ( a big please and thank you! <3)
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Or if you have some extra cash you’re welcome to:
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@badtech-reblogs !!!

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Janelle Monáe

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[Front of a white button-up shirt. Around the buttonholes are ‘blank’ eyes with eyelashes and lids, but without an iris and pupil. The buttons are blue, so when the shirt is buttoned up, the buttons act as the iris/pupil to the eyes.]

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i know its hopeless already, but…



“What shock-struck beast crawls through my blood trying to save itself?”

— Alejandra Pizarnik, from ‘Time’, Selected Poems (trans. Cecilia Rossi)

May 22 2018

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The Handmaiden (2016) dir. Park Chan-wook

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Rubbery Woman again

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Creation of Adam (colorized)

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one of the best heartwarming scenes between Zuko and Iroh. The fact that Zuko is truly repentant and Iroh is unconditionally forgiving despite everything he’s endured. And of course, they can make you cry one moment and laugh in the next.

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Rinko Kikuchi for Vanity Fair | Photography by Danielle Levitt






I’m going to save up for a new motorcycle by running a scam where I bet straight dudes at bars twenty bucks that I can get a girl’s number in under five minutes and then politely walk up her and say, “I just bet that asshole twenty bucks that I could get your number. I’ll split it with you if you pretend to laugh like I just said a good pick up line and then write a fake number on my hand.”

Like, I never understood those kind of bets in those shitty teen movies. Everybody loves being part of a scheme, man. Use your head.

If anyone ever does this to me I’ll call them out on being a con artist.

Joke’s on you, buddy. That’ll only have consequences the first, what, couple dozen times? I can take a punch.

But then eventually, I’ll have money for the bike, and whenever I get called out, I’ll just speed off, and, sure, maybe I crash and die in a gutter and the police can’t figure out why I have hundreds of fake phone numbers stuffed in my jacket and it launches a huge investigation that becomes sort of a local legend, but you know whose problem that is? Not fucking mine.

Because I’m a slutty motorcycle ghost, and who’s gonna’ stop me then? The ghost cops? Nice try. Everybody knows cops can’t become ghosts because they just go straight to hell. It’s basic math.

Moral of the story, don’t be a con artist or you will die in a horrible accident and become a lonely ghost.

First of all, don’t you ever accuse me of having morals, narrative or otherwise, ever again.

And second, where did I say I’d be lonely? I’d be a ghost on a motorcycle. That’s the sexiest thing that there is. You look me in the eyes and tell me you wouldn’t bone Ghostrider. Look me in the goddamn eyes.

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PDF of full volume, including illustrative plates and patterns.


i deserve unrestricted access to old churches and castles i want to know all the secrets

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Finished and scanned commission of a moth warlock. :D That cape was fun to colour!

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=a goth butch and her girlfriend decorating her hair with flowers=

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The Fairy Tale Dead possessed girls | Meet Ivy, Hunter, & Seraphine (for my visual novel in development)

This is self indulgent, I just wanted to show you their powers~

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My full piece for @glzine !! I was so so so honored to be apart of this zine!! Please check out the other artists hard work as well :D


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